Apps We Like

Here are a few apps for the iPad that will get you started. Most of these listed are for younger children through elementary school. These particular apps have worked well for children with Down syndrome.

If you have a favorite (or many favorites) app that your child or adult with DS has benefited from, please email Nikki. We’d love to let other parents know what has worked and what hasn’t.

This page is under construction and will be updated regularly. Please check back often.

Apps for Special Needs

Autism App–this is an app that lists apps being used with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs.

Fine Motor Skills

Balloon Darts
Glow Coloring
Paint Sparkles
Mag Toys
Clicky Sticky
Kandy Fish
BT Handwriting
AO Carnage–fun

Older Kids

Photo Touch Telling Time
Lunch Box
Tozzle 3-d puzzles
ABC pocket phonics—not my favorite, a little advanced
Social Skill Builder

Younger Kids

Families 1 (
Match it up 1
Match it up 2


Little Sorter ABC
Little Speller

Starfall ABC’s
ABC Alphabet
First Words
Letter of the Day (Lakeshore) writing also

English Flash cards (fun fun soft)
ABC Animals

iTot Cards


Splish Splash Inn
123 Counting
123 Numbers
Montessori Counting Board
Little Sorter


Amazing Coin


Penelope the Purple Pirate
Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses?


Choiceboard creator—heavy parental involvement
Teach Me Toddler—heavy parental involvement
IF…Then—heavy parental involvement
iTot Q’s

AAP apps

Touch to Talk
Yes No Answers
Sono Flex Lite (advanced)


Signing Time–sign language
Articulation Station
Phonics Awareness

Learning Colors

Kandy Fish