DS Action

Down Syndrome Action is a group based in San Diego who established a Down Syndrome Center at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Currently they offer clinics from age 0-5, twice a month. They are working hard to be able to offer more clinics for a wider age group, as there is a six month wait list. Please see their website for more info. DS Action

About DS Action:

We are parents, grandparents, doctors, educators, registered nurses, social workers and other business professionals interested in improving the quality of life of all people with Down syndrome.
DS Action is affiliated of the National Down Syndrome Society(NDSS) and National Down Syndrome Congress(NDSC). What We Are Doing:
DS Action holds monthly meetings in San Diego to identify the unmet needs of people with Down syndrome and to find creative solutions to meeting those needs.
As an example, DS Action determined that many children with Down syndrome do not receive the same level of recommended medical and developmental care, and that parents often find it difficult to get referrals to a variety of available intervention services.
To meet this need, DS Action worked to establish a Down Syndrome Center, where all children with Down syndrome would have an equal opportunity of receiving recommended evaluations, referrals and intervention services.
Working with Rady Children”s Hospital – San Diego, DS Action has made this idea a reality.
The Down Syndrome Center is a much needed resource to the entire region of Southern California as well as neighboring jurisdictions including Mexico.
DS Action is an affiliate of National Down Syndrome Society(NDSS) and National Down Syndrome Congress(NDSC).